When you share intimate images of others...

My bachelor project is about a serious topic in Denmark (and generally worldwide) that teens share intimate images without giving thought to the victim, unless they themselves gets affected by their choice. 
Teens share intimate images because it’s exciting and it’s absolutely a part of their daily life which their parents are not a part of. So when an illegal image is being shared and someone feel bad, parents are often the last to hear about it.

Logo and style tile

Prototype website

My main product is a website where teens, ranging 13-17 years, define their secret problem through a list of questions. The answers they choose will create a letter, with the purpose of giving notice to an adult that:
“I’m having a problem I can’t deal with on my own, please help me”. 
The most important thing is that you feel personally invested in the site and that your choices will give full value in return. 

Animated prototype below showcasing transitions and step by step of the main user action.

Teaser film about consequences

I wanted to combine the action of sharing a nude image with the consequence of being discovered. A “what if” scenario. 

Stills from the film