The old logo as seen below. It's idea was a wordplay with the Magpie, in Danish "Skade", which in turn also means "injury". From a concept perspective it seemed a little too witty.
So I started to work on a more - to me - meaningful idea.
Brain injury is a serious thing and much can go wrong in many areas of the brain. I wanted to convey that. In my drawings I tried a lot of dot-connecting and brain wave iterations, because it said something to me.

I ended up with three candidates:
1. An injured brain and a speech bubble to show that behind the injury there is still life.
2. Brain waves in several iterations to give the impression of the variations in injuries.
3. The six key areas of the brain which can be connected in various patterns to convey different injuries.
I went with the third option. It was the most visually memorable shape and the idea of connecting the different parts of the brain to imitate different injuries seemed the strongest message.

It also made sense to do a range of different shapes from the same template. So if your main injury was in the frontal lobe you would be more likely to identify yourself with the shape closest to the affected area.

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