Take on a 2d journey

In the spring 2020 I took the Animation Bootcamp course at School of Motion, because I wanted to learn to animate better. It has been worth every coin! 

Here is a mashup of course assignments and personal work.

Software used:

My primary software is After Effects, but I’m happy to combine it using other software if it helps my workflow.

SVG animations

During my internship I have finally started working on svg animations, which has been a ton of fun and really makes a website shine.

Unfair Match

School of motion assignment. I redesigned all elements into a 90’s electronic feel and had a blast with the soundtrack.

5 seconds of...

This is a nifty little challenge to give your friends! You get 5 seconds to anymate anything you want using a pre-made template.

The Ice Sculptor

The final assignment in my School of Motion course. I did the animation only.

Windy text

3d text setup from Cinema 4D made to look like 2d. I find that exploration are sometimes better when doing it in 3d.


School of Motion assignement with a heavy focus on circles.


Tunnel Loop