Kasper Rubin – Personal Portfolio


skip the danish

It all started when my brother and I were teens and we invented words from train stations that were funny to say out loud. “No Room” (Nærum), “Dance High” (Danshøj), “Ice High” (Ishøj) etc. 

One day I became a graphic designer and this thing returned to me. Of course I didn’t invent this trend. But instead of just doing the S-trains like everyone else I became obsessed with translating the entire Danish train system – eventually realising I might excluding the local lines (Grisen). But it still required researching tons of stations and finding the right translation for each one.

Eventually it evolved. I designed a few cards and candy products that were directly translated from Danish. 

I also worked on a few posters with the kind of contrast that makes one part seeming to pop out the more you stare at it.