Kasper Rubin – Personal Portfolio



“minifonen.dk” is a campaign for boys and girls that either have experienced sending nudes of others or had their own nudes sent by others. It focuses on the consequences it has on the sender/victim and provides a practical tool for both parties to get help from a trusted source.

The campaign is also my bachelor project terminating the end of my Interactive Design education at DMJX.

The style and tone of the campaign is youthful and to the point. This is a helping hand for boys and girls that want to share their secret but don’t know where to start.

The website is geared toward youths that wish to call for help but don’t know where to start. Here they can get information about the consequences of sharing sexual images, both as the sender and the victim. And most importantly the website provides a free tool to compose a personal message to a trusted source.

The campaign teaser shows an imagined example of someone considering whether to send a nude image or not.

I made the whole film in Cinema 4D and used the toon capabilities of Octane Render to very quickly render the different scenes in high quality so I didn’t have to worry about render times in my stressed out bachelor project.

Here’s a quick animation of how the workflow on the website would work. You’re asked a list of questions depending on your choices and these formulate a text that you can edit to your desire.