Hello again - Haunted by a stalker

Being stalked is possibly one of the worst types of crimes that can befall you, because it never stops, there is no relief and moving to a new city won’t even help. 

The idea I came up with is a woman being stalked by someone and she is in the process of a total breakdown. I wanted to show the psychological effect long-term stalking has on victims, because it’s quite severe. Victims have no one to complain to, not even the police, because no physical crime is being commited. 
The title for the teaser is Hello again, because that is really the defining aspect of a stalker, visiting his/her victim again and again. 

My role in the project:

  • Storyboard and styleframes.
  • Styling scenes, rigging, animation and sound design.

Storyboard and animatic

Process stills

Title sequence