Interactive designer skilled in graphic design, digital media and animation

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What kind of designer am I?

I can best be described as an interactive designer, as my skill range from graphic design to digital media and film production. With my diverse hands-on experience I can step into almost any pipeline and produce visually engaging content on the spot. 

Graphic design from the simple to the complex

The most important step is defining the style that eventually becomes a visual product. I can handle all aspects of graphic design from idea generation and design concepting to production and finishing. 

Digital design across media and boundaries

I know how to utilize any graphic design across media and platforms. Could be on your website, in your webbanners, on your social channels or through your app or new technology.

Animation in both 2d and 3d on a very high level

My interest in film production and photorealism has given me skills and tools to create both photorealistic products, 2d animation for social media and fully 3d created commercials.

Understanding the brand and what comes next

Producing visuals is not enough. I know how to talk with clients and together find the correct course of action to the current project and the next.

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