My name is Kasper Rubin and I work my design magic for freelance and hired positions. For three wonderful years I studied interactive design at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Telling meaningful stories through visual communication in all its forms has become my greatest passion. 

Just give me a call: +45 81 61 31 90 or write me: and fill me in on your needs. I'm also interested in fulltime positions, if your need is greater.
I'm constantly creating personal projects that challenge and enhance my skills. 

Professional skills
Conceptual design and strategy development
Graphic design, illustration, user experience design
2d / 3d animation, film editing and color grading
Sound mixing

Software proficiency
I use the core capabilities of the Adobe suite for my design work, which also includes Audition for soundmixing, After Effects and Premiere Pro for film making and editing.
For 3d animation and modeling I use Cinema 4D and sometimes ZBrush for the fine details. My rendering software includes Physical and Octane Render, though I'm always learning new software as needed. 

Happy posting:
I have a 3d art channel on
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